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Services To Keep Your Smile Bright

Routine exams keep your teeth looking and feeling healthy. From cleanings to cavity fillings, a visit to our office refreshes your mouth and maintains your dental health. If you experience tooth loss or trauma, your smile will be restored! We are ready to repair any damage or replace missing teeth with a bridge or implant. Then, increase your smile wattage with a teeth whitening or other cosmetic services.

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Bellevue Family Dentistry Services



Within a few appointments, we create a dental appliance to fill space between healthy teeth with a fake tooth or teeth.
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From biofeedback to mouthguards and bite adjustments, we address the causes and any damage from teeth grinding and jaw clenching.
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Children’s Oral Health

We provide routine care for children starting with their first tooth or by their first birthday to prevent the most common chronic disease among children, tooth decay.
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Only after a series of thorough consultations, evaluations, and fitting appointments, we issue your denture set and adjust as needed.
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To replace a lost tooth or support a bridge or dentures, we surgically implant a titanium post that fuses with bone and inserts into a false tooth to feel and act like natural.
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oral cancer screening

Oral Cancer Screening

During routine dental checkups, we perform an oral cancer screening that includes a visual check of the soft tissues as well as screening devices to detect abnormal cells
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oral hygiene

Oral Hygiene

We instruct our patients in the best practices to maintain oral hygiene as a standard part of care so that you learn the right techniques to brush, the proper standards for clean teeth, and the guidelines to the best tools for the job.
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periodontal disease

Periodontal Disease

In addition to regular cleanings, we address gum disease with deeper cleansing procedures such as scaling to remove tough tartar and root planing to prevent hot spots for bacteria to collect.
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root canal

Root Canal Therapy

During one to three appointments, we remove the dying root and then clean and reshape the canal to receive a metal post filling to reinforce the tooth in preparation for installing a protective crown over it.
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teen oral health

Teenage Oral Health

We discuss with teens the importance of wise, nutritious choices to avoid any permanent discoloration of their teeth from tobacco products or damage from sugary drinks so that they value and maintain their oral health as they mature.
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tooth trauma

Tooth Trauma

Our practice offers emergency appointments to immediately handle trauma to the teeth or soft tissues in the mouth, whether a tooth is lost, chipped, or loosened, or your mouth is wounded from a cut, tear, puncture, or laceration.
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wisdom teeth

Wisdom Teeth

We monitor the development of wisdom teeth and assess their progress, consulting with you about any impacted teeth that fail to erupt as well as the extraction procedures we offer to painlessly remove the teeth before problems occur.
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